Do you want a truly EXCEPTIONAL LIFE? Well earning 6 figures a year just won’t get you there!

But how do you "cross over" to earning 7 figures a year? 

Here's a profound idea. Apply the top book ever written on success and achievement to YOUR life. That book is the legendary Think & Grow Rich. 

Two interesting things about this book. First, it's sold 100 million copies worldwide. The next best selling book on success has sold less than 10 million copies. So clearly it's the top book ever written on achievement. 

Secondly, more millionaires & billionaires have been created from applying the central concept of this book than any other concept on the planet. So If you're not as successful as you think you should be, applying this legendary book to YOUR life makes all the sense in the world.

When the co-creator this course turned 50, he did that. Like you, he knew he had the ability to achieve"MORE".  And here's what he discovered.

The “Exceptional Life” becomes a reality when you begin making over $1 million a year. And that can happen when you proactively and scientifically impact your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts.

In this course, you will learn how to apply SCIENCE to your life, probably for the first time ever. Science profiled on the cover of Time Magazine. 

And here's the really good news. It only takes 12 minutes a day to apply the science.

When the co-creator of this course applied this science to his life, he broke a 20 year history of making 6 figures a year, and began making over $5 million a year. Because he was operating at a HIGHER LEVEL daily.

Interestingly, this 12 minute a day technique also impacts controlling your health and appearance, with more discipline. 

As well as materially impacting your significant other relationship. That relationship affects your happiness more than any other external factor.

 Our company is recognized today as the top company in the "Success through Science" category in the human achievement field. The course we teach is truly the only proven "success formula" known to man.


Vacations, your hobbies, giving back. You experience a balanced life . . . for the first time ever.

You have more time to enjoy amazing vacations. One year it’s a month in Italy at Lake Como. The next year you’re hanging out in London, touring England and France for three or four weeks.

More time for your hobbies-golf, tennis, playing guitar.

And finally, the ability to create a life of meaning. Giving back and helping others.


Surprisingly, your relationship with your significant other will change materially. We've seen that with every person that has taken this course.

That really impacts your happiness way more than anything else.


The outward changes are obvious.

You have that paid for, multi-million dollar house you've always dreamed of. Maybe it's a house on the lake, or maybe it's living in an exclusive, gated community - with that spectacular view you've always wanted. Or maybe it's acreage.

You drive around in the car of your dreams. Maybe it's that cool Mercedes two-seater, a new Jaguar convertible, or the high-end Tesla.


       What if you could cross the 6-figure mark

 and net your first "Million Dollar Year"

by applying a proven, real-world success blueprint...

in just 12 minutes a day?



Therefore it works on everyone. 

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What do the Mega Successful Do Differently?

The differentiator between the mega-successful and the moderately successful is 2 things: CONTROL OF SELF and FOCUS.

Exactly what we teach you.

The best part is that you'll have...


Now you have that after-tax nest egg sitting in the bank. Your investments generate income beyond what you spend each month. Financial worry is gone. You can spend money on whatever you want (within reason) without worrying about it. It’s a wonderful feeling to savor.


For the first time in your life, you finally have freedom. You’re no longer tethered to having to earn a living. Because a daily grind is over, you have freedom to spend your time anyway you want. And do that every day! This newfound freedom is like a breath of fresh air… that you been gasping for all your life.


You work less, and do so on a schedule that suits you. Your day starts when YOU want it to start. And since the daily grind is over, you can finally see the forest for the trees. Now your primary job, in this company you built, is providing the BIG PICTURE direction for your company.

Now the heavy lifting of running your company on a daily basis is shifted to other people’s shoulders. And you then do what you do best, leveraging your talents in a way you never could before. You’re working 30 hours a week, instead of the 60+ hours a week you have for most your life. Interestingly, you’re now more effective than ever – because you’ve leveraged and really playing to your strengths. Your enjoyment of your work goes up exponentially.


By attaining the goal of netting over $1 million a year, you have an ongoing feeling of accomplishment that is constantly flowing through your veins. It’s with you all the time, and it’s amazing. You feel great about yourself. That’s something money can’t buy. Your confidence soars and you’re playing at the top of your game, like never before.


And because you feel so incredibly blessed, you want to give back. You want to help others who will help themselves. It gives your life meaning. Maybe it's starting a private foundation around a cause that is important to you, like giving deserving kids a college education. Or taking your special talents and gifts and using them to help others less fortunate than you. Or maybe it’s teaching at your alma mater. It’s your dent in the universe.

The end result is you create and live an Exceptional Life. You’re finally living the dream, because you had the presence of mind to fundamentally change how you create success and achievement in your life. And as you will see, it’s actually easier than you think.